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S h a l l   w e   b e g i n ?

 oh it's unbearable, isn't it?
   the suffering of strangers, the agony of friends.
   there is a secret song at the central of the world,
   and it's sound is like razor's through flesh.
i don't believe you.
 you can hear it wispering right now,
   and I am here to turn up the volume,
   to press the stinking face of humanity,
   into the dark blood of it's own secret hearth.
and i am here to stop you back to hell.
 you can't stop me child!
   but you don't have to hear the music.
   just give me the box, and i'll free you from the future.
free yourself from the past!
 don't debate with me, girl!
   just come here and die,
   while you still have the option to do it quickly.
then you have to come and get me, you oathy fuck.
 oh spirited, oh good. I'll enjoy make you plead.
   and i will enjoy, making you enjoy it.

Quelle: Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth

© Bodo Kälberer | Letzte Änderung: 4.0.2002 - 11: 2 | Original Fundort